Big Farm: Story

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Rebuild your family's beautiful farm


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Big Farm: Story is a casual game, in which you can follow a young woman as she tried to save her grandfather's farm. But the farm isn't exactly in good condition, so you'll have to repair it and add items to make it productive. If you work hard, the young farmer -along with some help from the other characters- will be able to restore the farm to its former glory.

Big Farm: Story displays all the characters and areas on great 3D graphics. To control your character, just tap on the screen and your farmer will follow. Not only that, but each level has certain tasks, which are highlighted with yellow arrows. This makes it easier to see where you have tasks to complete.

Once you start the first level, you'll meet Benny, who gives you many helpful tips to help you improve your farm. The other villagers will also help you harvest crops and construct buildings that make your farm a more comfortable place to live. Not only that, but in Big Farm: Story you can customize your character and unlock new animals that produce countless resources.

Step into the countryside and relax while expanding your farm or simply doing rural chores in the game Big Farm: Story. Check it out, make friends with your neighbors, find your place in the community, and enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside.